Thursday, October 30, 2008

Minestrone Soup

(Ssh, I had a little help with this Minestrone Soup! Do you like my fancy dinnerware?)

I was looking for something quick I could feed my son for lunch and that I could turn into supper tonight for the girls when I came upon a bag of minestrone soup mix my husband got from the store. This isn't something I normally use (I just make soup from scratch, usually chicken noodle soup) but I figured I could add some ground turkey and bowtie pasta to make it *almost* homemade.

I cooked the ground turkey with onions and then set it on a plate to drain. Of course my son in his quest for lunch grabbed the plate and dropped all the meat onto the floor. I salvaged what didn't hit the floor, which wasn't much, and put it in the soup.

It turned out pretty good and I *think* the girls will eat it. I'm headed out to grab some crackers to go with it.

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