Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Real" chicken noodle soup

Last night I made what amounted to Chicken Noodle Soup, but I kept the ingredients separate and served it to the kids as a wet dish rather than full-blown soup. I slurped it up as a soup myself. So good.

This time I used chicken legs, egg noodles, and a big can of mixed vegetables. I cooked the chicken in a pot on the stove, poured some of the juice off into a pan and cooked the noodles in it. When the noodles were almost done I tossed the vegetables in with them. I served the girls the noodles with veggies and a chicken leg to the side, with just a bit of chicken broth.

Tonight I intended on serving it to them as soup, and I cooked up some more noodles (angel hair pasta since I used all the egg noodles last night) and warmed up some frozen chicken stock. I put that together with what was left over from last night.

My 10-year-old niece asked me what we were having, and so I told her it was what we had last night, chicken noodle soup. She thought for a moment (trying to recall what we ate for supper last night, I guess) and then said, "I want some REAL chicken noodle soup."

I knew what she meant but I asked her anyway. She said, "You know, REAL chicken noodle soup. The kind in a can."

ACK. There's no comparison. I feigned hurt feelings and said, "What do you mean, REAL chicken noodle soup? THIS is REAL chicken noodle soup ... chicken, noodles, and vegetables!"

She still wasn't convinced and furthermore, decided to pass on my chicken noodle soup. All the kids decided to pass. Good, more REAL chicken noodle soup for me!

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