Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adventures in oatmeal

Our road to eating oatmeal was long and rough this morning, but we got our oatmeal after all.

I got the wrong kind at the store the other day, for starters. I got the regular old-fashioned kind with the big oats instead of the quick-cooking old-fashioned kind with the smaller oats. I like the smaller oats better.

This morning I put a half a cup of oats and a cup of water in a bowl and put it in the microwave. My son was already crying for it even though I'd given him a handful of frosted flakes to keep him busy while his oatmeal cooked.

Finally it was done (it takes a few minutes with the regular kind) but when it finished I needed to cool it off for him quickly. I put it in the freezer and of course by now he was really upset and still crying.

I left it in there for about a minute and when I reached in there to pull it out I grabbed it wrong somehow because it landed on the FLOOR, BOTTOM SIDE UP.

Now I'm practically crying.

Thankfully there was a few bites left in the bowl (kind of sticky and mushy after being cooked in the microwave). I cleaned the mush up out of the floor and finally sat down with my son.

He was so thrilled to get it and practically inhaled it. Yay!

Of course he wanted some more. So I grabbed the oatmeal container, put a quarter of a cup of oats and a half a cup of water in the bowl. When I was putting the container up it slipped and dropped on the counter and dry oats went everywhere.

Good grief. One of THOSE days.

I somehow managed to get the oatmeal fixed quickly, cooled off and fed to the baby without any more mishaps and crying.

He's finally full and happy!

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Laura said...

Yeah I would say that is quite the adventure with oatmeal!! Glad you got him well fed in the end.