Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cheap healthy foods

Lately food prices have gone way up and so has the amounts we are consuming!

I recently read a piece on cheap, healthy foods and I was happy to notice that we regularly eat pretty much everything on the list. There are things like oats, eggs, beans, greens, apples, potatoes pasta, lowfat milk, and even COFFEE on the list!

Things like potatoes and pasta and even eggs have gotten a bad rap in the past but I've always eaten them and believed that they were healthy. Now I can like them for another reason -- they're cheap!

Some of the things on the list, like beets and sardines, I really like but we don't always have on hand.

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Julia said...

I use these foods regularly too! I have noticed lately that most vegetables at my market have gone up. It's a shame, but I gues it's inevitable.