Monday, July 7, 2008

Dishes (UGH!!)

There is nothing I hate more than washing dishes. I will put that off until I just absolutely must do them. I'd rather do ANYTHING else in the entire house rather than the dishes.

What makes it so bad (that I'm like that) is that I have a nice new dishwasher AND we use a lot of paper plates, bowls, and cups.

My husband for some odd reason decided to wash dishes the other night but that's all he did, wash them. He left the clean but unrinsed dishes in the sink. Of course the sink they were in was the one with the garbage disposal so I had to finish them.

Now the sink is full again. I have to unload the dishwasher before I can load it up again.

The never-ending I Hate the Dishes story. *sigh*


Tiffany said...

I hate dishes with a passion. Our dishwasher broke a while back so I'm forced to do them by hand. It usually ends up as about two or three sinkfuls a day since I refuse to use disposable stuff. I yell at anyone who puts dishes in the sink. In our houses, dishes go on one specific counter before they are washed. I hate reaching into the sink and finding nasty cold water with food in it. So I make sure the sink is kept empty at all times but I will leave everything air dryer in the dish rack in the other sink basin.

Jacquelyn said...

UGH Dishes. I am usually ok with doing them when I am cooking.