Friday, July 18, 2008

Good ole PB&J

While most days I try to cook the kids a good lunch (and breakfast, and supper), some days I'm just too tired, too busy, or just too plain lazy to cook lunch.

Like yesterday. And today.

Yesterday I made each of the girls one peanut butter and jelly sandwich and left the fixings out. I told them they could have another one but they'd have to make it themselves. Everyone did make themselves another sandwich. I warmed up leftover spaghetti for the baby, since he seems to be allergic to peanut butter and he does better when he's eaten hot cooked food, anyway. (I'd serve all the kids leftovers more often if we had them. I guess I haven't learned the concept of cooking too much so we have something to eat tomorrow!)

Today I'm technically cooking lunch but it's just plain old cheap boxed macaroni and cheese (the kind that's three for a dollar), and I'm going to throw a can of tuna in with it.

I think they'll live. Especially since I have chicken wings in the crockpot for supper.

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