Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Box dinners

Yes, we eat box dinners from time to time! ;-) By "box dinner" I mean the kind generally referred to as "hamburger helper" with the noodles/rice and seasonings included in the box and you add your own meat.

I usually don't prepare them exactly according to package directions, though. The seasoning is usually a bit stronger than what the kids would prefer, so I add extra noodles or rice to tone it down some. Plus when you are cooking for 3 to 5 kids you need to stretch it out!

Depending on the meal I'll add extra cheese, tomatoes, mixed vegetables, etc. I almost always add extra cheese no matter what the dinner is.

I just bought some tuna box dinners at the grocery store since they were on sale, and I'll cook those for the kids this week with extra noodles and cheese. Yummy!

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Jacquelyn said...

My daughter loves Hamburger Helper! I am not a huge fan but I do like a couple of them. But they do make it easy to change it around a bit.