Thursday, June 12, 2008

I hate the kitchen

I really hate the kitchen. I hate cooking. I hate cleaning up. I hate the dishes. I hate sticky spills on the counters. *sigh*

But with a husband, three children, one of which has a ravenous appetite, and two nieces, one of which has an excellent appetite, I am forced to spend time in the kitchen.

Now that summer break is upon us and I have a bunch of kids in the house with me all day long, I have to keep them fed. That means I'm cooking at least two, if not three meals a day plus sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, and all that.

So this blog will be about my kitchen gripes but mostly about the super easy meals I have cooked or am planning to cook. The things I cook are super easy and pretty much foolproof, since I can mess up pretty much anything. I've got some great recipes and concoctions my husband whips up too, so I'll post those as well.

Now I have a pile of dirty dishes staring at me that I must tend to ...

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