Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Potato Casserole

Who doesn't love slow cooker meals? It's wonderful to be able to load up the cooker with goodies in the morning and then come supper time, dinner's ready! My husband is great about piling the slow cooker up and turning supper on and all I have to do is smell it cooking all day and dip it out when it's time to eat.

You can substitute ground turkey for the ground beef in this recipe but then that would change the name of the recipe. Hmmm ...

Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Potato Casserole

1 lb lean ground beef
5 1/2 oz scalloped potatoes mix
16 oz can tomatoes
1 can pizza sauce
1/2 c water
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp basil
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 c cubed mozzarella cheese

Brown ground beef, drain well. Put in slow cooker (Crock Pot) with dried potatoes from scalloped potato mix and sauce mix. Add tomatoes, pizza sauce, water, oregano, basil and garlic. Stir to mix. Cover and cook on low for 4 to 5 hours. Turn to high, stir in cubed cheese. Cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes longer.

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